Pet Dental Care

Dental problems are easily prevented, but if left untreated, they can often lead to larger systemic problems due to oral bacteria entering the bloodstream and damaging the kidneys, heart and liver.

At Gates County Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive dental exams and cleanings. While the pet is anesthetized, we probe and chart the periodontal pockets. Calculus on the teeth is removed with an ultrasonic scaler; periodontal pockets are cleaned, an antibiotic gel is applied to promote healing; and then the clean teeth are polished.

Dental care does not begin or end at our doors. It is also important for you to provide home dental care and recognize the warning signs of dental disease, which include:

  • Bad breath—one of the first signs of dental disease
  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth near the gum line
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Pain or bleeding when your pet eats or when the mouth or gums are touched
  • Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
  • Loose or missing teeth

Please feel free to talk to our doctors or staff for instruction on how to properly care for your pet’s teeth.